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Stylish and compact, this system offers the flexibility to control the indoor temperature in any room, in any location. Adjust the temperature with
a wireless remote. Works with your ducted system to ensure all zones in your home have a comfortable and controllable environment.

Money saving, space saving, quiet and earth-friendly. Introduce this powerhouse performance system into your new or existing duct work.

Not only have the technology and industry standards changed in the last decade, but your home may have experienced changes that will affect system performance. Together, we will determine the most effective system upgrades for your home with consideration to energy ratings, warranties and financing. Preferred supplier to Mitsubishi, we specialize in ducted and ductless systems that provide efficient temperature control in a truly discreet manner.


Mitsubishi has a strong brand reputation. Their products remain at the forefront of evolving technologies, with investment into energy efficiency, quality and a commitment to reducing carbon emissions.One of the quietest systems on the market with one of the widest selection of sizes in the industry, Mitsubishi multi split systems offer something for everyone. Learn more about Mitusbishi Products at, mitsubishi electric.


Onetrack welcomes your inquiries and opportunity to implement a solution plan to fit your needs.

Engineered systems that perform at the highest level of efficiency and comfort.  Enjoy a quiet environment and significant energy savings.
Can work with ductless units
(for a multi split system), giving you
complete temperature control throughout your home.

Air Handler
Choosing The Right System For Your Home
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